3 Ways to Help Your Child Talk Smart

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  The First Monday of the Month, 5:55 p.m. A number of teenagers hang out together in my living room. I run upstairs to print something. Over the noise of the printer, I hear the plucking of a mandolin and a couple of guitars. The double bass jams while a keyboard player warms up with […]

6 Ways You Might Be Saying, “I don’t love you.”

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“Jerry, the throat-clear is a nonverbal indication of doubt.” –George, Seinfeld Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of Silent Messages, A Primer of Nonverbal Communication (Body Language) for the General Audience, conducted several studies on nonverbal communication. He found that 7% of any message is conveyed through words, 38% through certain vocal elements, and 55% through nonverbal […]

Interpreting Your Teenage Son’s Silence

Interpreting your teenage son's silence

Sciencemag.org did a study to find out if women really do use more words per day than men. “We addressed the question about sex differences in daily word use with data from six samples based on 396 participants (210 women and 186 men) that were conducted between 1998 and 2004. Five of the samples were […]

A Proper Thank-You Note Template For Your High School Graduate


Showing gratitude is an act of love. Today, the platform for sending a note of thanks is broader than ever before. The message hasn’t changed, though. Nor has the format. I studied Communications at Berry College. I still remember how surprised I was to find out that there was a proper way to say thank […]

4 Things That May Have Your Freedom Tangled Up

At 12, I thought my life was over when he died on the gym floor at my sports banquet. My dad meant the world to me. After he was disabled with heart disease, he became a stay-at-home dad, long before it was posh. He chaperoned school field trips. When I made the basketball team, every […]

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

I'm giving away 5 copies of my book April 5-12

This is my second year to participate in the Ultimate Blog Party. The ladies hosting this party pull together women and men from all over the place to donate a wide range of prizes. Pop over to their place and register to win prizes from $25 to $200. Now, before we get started let me […]

10 Ways To Impact Your Children

How can I love my children and make a lasting impact on their lives? In 2011, our last child was nearing high school age. We made the decision for me to go back to work. My goal was to write a book. Publishing changed tremendously over two decades so I had a ton to learn. […]

6 Tools That Transform Non-Readers into Book Lovers

Can a non reader become a book lover? Bridgette Booth, using the platform of a literature club shows us the answer in her short story about a girl named Catherine who had an aversion to books and projects about books. If you’ve ever known a child who struggled to read or just didn’t have time to […]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home School Student for High School

I floundered around more when my oldest child, Mallari entered high school in 2000 than I did when my youngest entered last year. There were things I wished I had done earlier in her home school career. Graduation was a repeat of lessons learned and wishes in hindsight. As much as I regretted not knowing […]

5 Ways to Love Your Teen When Communication is Strained

Listening to the birds sing in the spring is one of my favorite things. Sometimes they sing so loudly that I can hear them inside the house with the windows shut. They really don’t care if I’m listening. It’s what they do. It’s what they were created for. It’s different for people though. We are […]