How To Plan A Fun and Tasty Invisible Meal

See through food

“Invisibility has been on humanity’s wish list at least since Amon-Ra, a deity who could disappear and reappear at will, joined the Egyptian pantheon in 2008 BC. With recent advances in optics and computing, however, this elusive goal is no longer purely imaginary. Last spring, Susumu Tachi, an engineering professor at the University of Tokyo, […]

Ordinary Fruit Produces Extraordinary Results


The God of the universe stepped out of heaven to become one of His creatures, to keep a promise that would cost His life. That’s extraordinary. Embarrassingly insignificant acts of love, ordinary daily tasks, transform our culture into the new world Jesus sacrificed Himself to create. That’s powerful. The extraordinary is exciting. The author who […]

Looks Aren’t Everything


What you see isn’t always what you get. Better yet, you don’t always get what you see in the way you expected.  My husband published his first book a week ago. I am so proud of him! What does this book cover suggest you will find inside? Please share your thoughts in the comment section […]

1/2 OFF Back to School Special!

50 off_AliDent_2014

The LitClub experience will cause your child to say, “Mom, if we have to drop an activity, please don’t let it be LitClub.” — Gill Hassell, former non-reader. The LITClub provides a fun environment to read the classics with your friends and family. With themed, pre-planned menus and ready-made book conversation and project guides, The […]

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A Soft Touch on Tough Topics Makes Our Children Strong


At one of our LITClub meetings, the kids got into a pretty deep discussion about the reality of Jesus being fully God and fully man and what the implications of that are. It was amazing and intense. Afterwards, I sat down beside one of the mothers and asked her what she thought about the way the […]

Shocking Worldview Survey Results

Worldview Survey Results

Barna Research Group conducted two surveys to determine how many Americans hold a biblical worldview. One survey was for adults and the other for teens. If these results shock you, you’re not alone, and we can do something about it. In our home, we have a literature club that mimics real-life conversations so that our […]

Playing Dress Up To Improve Critical Thinking

Great Expectations Interview project, January 2014-10

When I first decided to have projects for the kids, I did it for my younger children. I hoped it would make the club more fun and hold their attention. I really didn’t understand for a while how many skills the project would improve. Obviously, presenting the projects gave them an opportunity to speak in public. […]

Parenting With the Power of Story


How do you approach your teen about tough subjects? How do you explain the things in the world that just don’t make sense?  Bad people doing good things? Good people doing bad things ? Fiction is a great place to start.  Billy Budd, Sailor, by Herman Melville, gives us an opportunity to talk about the […]

Facebook Party Thursday Night, 9PM – Over $1,200 in Prizes!!


I’m speaking at the Dallas Teach Them Diligently conference in June. Even if you aren’t a HOMESCHOOLER, there are cool prizes for you! Who wouldn’t love to win a Kindle Fire for herself/himself or one to give away as a gift? The Facebook party is Thursday evening at 9PM eastern time. If you haven’t participated in […]

The Best Parent/Teacher Learns Alongside Her Children


Reading the classics with kids is fun! I remember, when I first started, I felt intimidated at the thought of facilitating a book conversation with them. I don’t have a literature background. I was afraid I wouldn’t know the answers. It didn’t take long for me to catch on to the truth. The best facilitator […]