What is Bible Journaling?

Color God's Word_Bible Journaling Post-2-17-2016Welcome! I’m so glad you dropped by.

I’m all for anything that gets us into the Word. If doodling in the margins of your Bible holds your focus on a verse then I say DOODLE! Back in the summer of 2015I was out shopping in Christian bookstores doing a little reconnoissance work on adult coloring books. At that time LifeWay Christian bookstore in my city didn’t have any adult coloring books for sale. Only two choices that looked more kid-like were at our local Christian bookstore. Things are different now! The stores are crawling with beautiful adult coloring books. Although I didn’t find what I was after I did stumble upon something pretty special, Bible journaling.

Our local Christian bookstore, The Scroll, was having a Bible journaling class for people who want to journal in their Bibles but feel like they aren’t talented enough. The teacher had designed a class to show her students how to feel confident enough to draw her impressions as she read the Bible. If you’ve wanted to try your hand at Bible journaling there might be a class in your town or maybe you can find a class someone online to show you how.

Over on Pinterest I found a post that might help you if you are curious about how to start Bible journaling. I think her approach would give anyone courage to get started.. Another place to get ideas is Home Grown Hospitality.

My friend Hollie has been journaling in her Bible margins for quite some time. Her drawings are over the top beautiful and creative. Don’t let that make you shy away. Instead of comparing what you think you can do to Hollie’s break her drawings down into parts. For example look at the one of the angel holding the world that says “God’s Glory.” You might just write the words God’s Glory with different colored pencils with a background of blue. Then use an angled pen to write out part of the scripture that is most meaningful to you. The way I understand Bible journaling is that it is a way to meditate on a passage, to bring it deeper into your subconscious. In addition research shows that coloring relaxes us.

To get some ideas check out Hollie’s work in this gallery. If the slider moves too slowly click on the image to move the next picture. Hollie was gracious enough to allow me to adapt one of her drawings to make a coloring page for you. It’s at the bottom of this post. If you have Bible journaling questions for Hollie send her a message on Facebook.

To me the whole point of Bible journaling isn’t about excellent drawing skills — it’s about the Word. Reading God’s Word is great. Meditating on it is better. I know drawing isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone. Maybe you? Or maybe you have a friend who has told you that she can’t keep her mind on the Word when she reads it. So, help her. Share this post with her so she can visit these ladies sites who can help her get started. Maybe doodling is just the thing that will help her — or you — meditate on God’s Word more often.

I made a little devotional journal on Psalm 15 called Behold Christ, an introduction to devotional journlaing. If you’d like a copy hop on over and sign up for my newsletter. you’ll be prompted to download your copy of the little book afterwards.

Happy journaling!



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Bible journal drawings by Hollie Carnahan. Thanks Hollie for graciously agreeing to let me transform your drawing into a coloring page for our friends!

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