Color and Pray Psalm 119:81-88

Here is this week’s edition of Color God’s Word. Please enjoy!

Psalm 119_81-88Years ago I was exposed to the idea of praying scripture for people by personalizing a Bible passage. Some time later I stumbled upon a book called Prayers of an Excellent Wife by Andrew Case. I used that book every day for a couple of years, and then I started writing my own personalized prayers for my husband, family and friends. I felt like my prayers tended to be less selfish when I prayed the Word of God. It’s not that I think they our prayers are more effective. I don’t think that is possible because it is the Spirit who hears our heart and translates it back to the Father more beautifully than we can ever make them sound. Praying personalized scripture prayers helped and still helps me focus on God more than me. That’s why I still enjoy them today.

The books I’m writing these days are all about praying and meditation on God. Adult coloring books are awesome and have proven to relax us in the midst of our busy lives. I’m creating two kinds of adult coloring books. One comes with personalized prayers and the other is a devotional journal that let’s us dig deeper into who God says he is. Take a look at yesterday post for an example of what that looks like or you can download the free e-book called Behold Christ, an introduction to devotional journaling. Both adult coloring books aim to help us grow more intimate with God and for all you colorist out there each prayer of devotion comes with a pretty drawing to color while you pray or meditate on God’s word. Here is a sample of a Color and Pray page..


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Color and Pray for Your Husband_ Psalm 119/81-88

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