About Ali



Welcome to my world of passions – life in Christ and writing! I’m so glad you stopped by. Have a seat. Let’s enjoy sweet conversation as we learn together what it means to live in the Truth that we are defined by God alone. We’ll talk about whatever pops into our mind from sweet treats to eat, books that feed our soul and encouragement to believe that we are defined by God alone.

I grew up as a southern girl from Georgia. We specialized in sweet tea and pot luck suppers. Secretly, I always wanted to write books to help and entertain others. I never dreamed I could make a living doing it. I got my B.A. degree in Communications at Berry College, started a family and left my writing dreams behind, or tried to. I committed myself to raising my children all the while imagining stories and essays I might write one day. My last child graduated in 2015. So, here I am fulfilling both of my passions at once.

I dream of owning a home large enough for the children and grandchildren to visit all together. I imagine this home close enough to the city to have fun and near enough to the country for the kids to roam freely. I love waking up in the mountains of North Carolina in the fall, smelling coffee brewing and the river rushing outside. I love going to the gulf beaches in the summer with old time friends, will forever enjoy the taste of a cup of good Earl Grey tea, creamy desserts and can’t imagine a day when a story idea doesn’t emerge in my heart. I long to live at peace with who God says he is and who he says that I am. This is my passion and my dream.

Here are some other fun things about me that you might not know:

  • I can’t stand snakes and yet I had my picture made holding a boa constrictor at school when I was 12.
  • I adore fairy tales.
  • I love vanilla ice cream even though I’m told that’s boring!
  • I prefer a novella over a novel. Reading is hard for me.
  • I keep a stash of snacks in my desk drawer when I’m writing.
  • I watch old Star Trek episodes when I create the graphics for my coloring books.
  • I hate sad endings.
  • I love watching Ninjago with my grandsons.
  • I was struck by lightening when I was 12 and obviously survived.
  • Favorite shows: All things Marvel, currently into Flash and Arrow, Dr. Who, Fringe, Downton Abby, Grimm, Gilmore Girls, Alias, Rainman, Rear Window,
  • Favorite movies: Star Wars, Star Trek, Shindler’s List, The Wizard of Oz, Vertigo, Forest Gump, The Sound of Music, It’s a Wonderful Life, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Lord of the Rings,

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